Province bolsters support for live music events

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Province is supporting the recovery of B.C.  ‘s live music sector with a $2.5-

million boost to the Amplify BC program.


As we emerge from the pandemic, our government recognizes that it is essential to

strengthen B.C.  ‘s music industry and to expand opportunities for people who work in this

sector, said Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport.  Our government is

committed to supporting British Columbians wanting to pursue a flourishing and sustainable

career in music, because when artists succeed, we all shine.


As part of an ongoing commitment to economic recovery for British Columbia ‘s creative sector, the Province is providing the additional $2.5 million through Amplify BC to support music

companies and live operations. Amplify BC is British Columbia ‘s music fund delivered through

Creative BC, the Province‘s lead agency for creative-sector funding and development.


This $2.5-million supplement to the $22.5 million already being delivered over three years

demonstrates government‘s recognition of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on live music performances and the music industry, and the sacrifices that were made to keep us safe.

I’m excited that our government is delivering these programs, said Bob D ‘Eith, Parliamentary

Secretary for Arts and Film.


Government recognizes the many ways that people in B.C.  ‘s creative sector contribute to the health, prosperity and resilience of our province, and we are committed to supporting their success.


In 2021-22, Amplify BC provided $8.3 million to support:

􀂇 216 festivals, venues and presenters through the Live Music program;

􀂇 95 music companies through the Music Company Development program;

􀂇 121 emerging and established musicians in advancing their careers through the Career

Development and Record in BC programs; and

􀂇 22 industry development projects through the Music Industry Initiatives program.


Providing relief to music companies and live music presenters in B.C. is crucial during this

time, said Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC.  This funding is essential to economic recovery within

the music industry. We look forward to seeing the impacts of these programs and the

operational supports that are helping music companies and live music presenters pivot,

innovate and sustain.


Tamara Stanners, co-founder and co-director, Squamish Constellation Festival, said:  The

Creative BC funding for Squamish Constellation Festival has truly ensured its survival. Without

the support we received, we would not be booking B.C. artists and putting the incredible skills

of dozens of live music production professionals to work.

Mike Kurkdjian, president, Prestige Guitars, said:  Creative BC ‘s operational support grant

helped us navigate through the unprecedented economic challenges posed by the pandemic.

With Creative BC ‘s assistance, we were able to avoid layoffs while also breaking ground on our

domestic manufacturing facility at the Shipyards District in North Vancouver.


From May 16 to May 20, 2022, British Columbia is celebrating Creative Industries Week, which

is an industry-led awareness week with organized events showcasing B.C.‘s creators through

online events and social media campaigns.


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