English Bay Oil Spill A huge wake-up call

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Spencer Chandra Herbert

B.C. NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, Official Opposition environment critic, says “Citizens were unaware of the dangers posed by the oil spill in English Bay.

What may seem like a small spill to an offshore mariner is very, very significant to the people of Vancouver.

These are some of our most precious public assets,” he said.

“So it’s in that context that we probably need to have a further conversation, so that they understand what’s important to us.”

‘It could have been better’ The NDP’s Spencer Chandra Herbert, the Official Opposition’s environment critic, said citizens should be part of that discussion.

The MLA for the Vancouver-West End/Coal Harbour represents a riding that sits directly in the path of the spill.

“People were out there last night, playing with their dogs, having fun in the water.

Meanwhile, we were having bunker fuel oil — they still can’t tell us what it is — in our water, potentially causing harm,” he said. “I think it’s a huge wake-up call.”